Game title  2048 Orpheus
Category  Puzzle
Developed by  Nikeagames Co., Ltd
Global release  December 29th, 2016
Available on  

Contact  nike@nikeagames.com
Phone  +82)070-7722-9512
Social Nikeagames Facebook

Other projects  Orpheus Story : The Shifters

We are

    Nikeagames Co., Ltd, a Korean indie game development company, which was founded in 2013. The company started with few developers and successfully brought our first game—Orpheus Story—into the world. We have serviced Orpheus Story in Korea since the October of 2014, which received great reviews and loves from the players in Korea. And we recently started the global service of the game, rebranding it as Orpheus Story : The Shifters. We are planning to broad the reach of our service—all around the world; for now, we have translated the game into English and Japanese and opened a new server where new users can play.

2048 Orpheus is

    A 2048 puzzle game, stories of which will fulfill your curiosity you may have got playing Orpheus Story. This game includes 70 stories and they are all related with Orpheus Story. This game has the same rule as 2048 except it has grass tiles which cannot be moved. 2048 Orpheus is one of the mini games we have planned to create; other games are on their way!

Store description

    Merge numbers and make them higher than ever! The game is easy. Most of all, it is simple and everyone can enjoy it. You will feel you are getting smarter playing the game. Above all, there is no bothering advertisement and this is a free game; none of the ads will bother you. You cannot possibly mistakenly purchase something on this app! We decided not to put IAP items here! My boss was angry at us, but we did put no IAP items at all! (Boss, that one hurt so much...) We hope you enjoy this game; that is all we hope. Really, there is nothing we hope for more. (Ow! Ow! Boss, it hurts.) So, are you ready to be immersed in this Greek-mythic puzzle game?


I.  270 stages with puzzles—each one harder than the last
II.  There are grass tiles which seem to give you a lot of oxygen.
III.  You can collect about 70 stories.
IV.  Hm... You can compete with your friends using Google Play and it is easy to get achievement score.
V.  So, we are sure you will feel proud of yourself.


There are currently no trailers available for 2048 Orpheus. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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