Game title  Orpheus Story
Category  Visual Novel & Strategy
Developed by  Nikeagames Co., Ltd
Global release  February 21st, 2017
Available on  

Contact  nike@nikeagames.com
Phone  +82)070-7722-9512
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We are

    Nikeagames Co., Ltd, a Korean indie game development company, which was founded in 2013. The company started with few developers and successfully brought our first game—Orpheus Story—into the world. We have serviced Orpheus Story in Korea since the October of 2014, which received great reviews and loves from the players in Korea. And we recently started the global service of the game, rebranding it as Orpheus Story : The Shifters. We are planning to broad the reach of our service—all around the world; for now, we have translated the game into English and Japanese and opened a new server where new users can play.

Orpheus Story is

    An adorable visual novel, yet it also contains classic strategy game mechanics, which we have put a lot of work into. The visual novel includes 4 chapters, 400 interesting tales, various heroines, amusing decision-makings, philosophical morals, interactive tutorials, and so on. You will be Orpheus of Greek mythology and encounter numerous heroes and heroines from the myth. You will be a hero, raise dominions, hire heroes, fight monsters and other lords, dominate kingdoms, and let the other lords know your name. Do not be fooled by the adorable appearance, this game is indeed a strategy game. Enemies will continue to attack you, but do not worry; you do not have to do it alone. You can be friends with other lords and support your friends. Enjoy the game the way you like it!


I.  The visual novel that the most of the users have found very interesting!
II.  Make the heroines like you throughout the story and build your own harem.
III.  Hire heroes and raise them—make them the best heroes for you.
IV.  Trade, make friends, and join a guild to get and give supports from and to other lords.
V.  An earthquake happens every week and it balances the whole world, moving strong players to the west and weaker players to the east.
VI.  Interactive tutorials will help those who are new to strategy games understand the basics.
VII.  War or peace—choose the style you'd like to go with.
VIII.  Train units, do researches, and build your own empire and dominate the worlds.

Awards & Recognition

  • Google Play Korea App of the Week - January, 2015
  • Google Play Korea App of the Month - February, 2015
  • Google Play Korea App of the Lunar New Year - February, 2015
  • Google Play Korea App of the Month - March, 2015
  • Google Play Korea App of the Month - April, 2015
  • Google Play Korea App of the Week - January, 2016

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